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"Being a first-time author, I did a lot of research to find a copy editor. Lynn’s thorough bio, including questions for me, clued me in to the type of editor she is. Lynn Post did a tremendous job with my manuscript, and her keen eye gave me the confidence of knowing I’d bring my best work to print. She's also a pleasure to work with and is exceptionally professional. You’d be wise to hire her." 

—Colleen Burns Durda, author

In 1989, bipolar disorder descends on a young mother. Convinced at times she’s the Second Coming, she must navigate multiple hospitalizations, save her crumbling marriage, raise her family, and ultimately tame the beast of mental illness. 

"I can't say enough good things about Lynn. She is solid as a rock in her knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style and grammar and punctuation. She also provides spot-on observations over and above proofreading, which, in my case, made my manuscript squeaky clean. I have used her services twice, and she communicates promptly, thoroughly, and always completes the project on time. I truly can't imagine finding a better proofreader than Lynn, and I will definitely use her services again."

Laurie Douglass, author 

The Uncommon Thread 

We expect our heroes to be strong, wise, or cunning. But it’s the reluctant ones, people like you and me, who delightfully amaze us because they are astonished when courage rises within them just when they need it most. Paddy Duncan is this kind of hero. The Uncommon Thread is the first book in The Cover Stories series, which fans of science-based fantasy, sleuth mysteries, historical fiction, and anything Celtic will love. It’s a story about how life’s scary, unexpected events can, once in a while, lead precisely where we needed to go all along.

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