About Me

Over the last two decades, I have had a pretty diverse range of jobs: preschool teacher, real estate agent, bartender, restaurant/bar manager, insurance agent, online retail business owner, nanny, and more. Although I have greatly enjoyed different aspects of all of these, I can honestly say that I love editing more than any other type of work I have done. After all these years, I have finally found my calling!

When I'm not marking up documents with my red pencil, I keep myself occupied with a variety of other activities. Most of my free time is spent with my son, Theo. I try to find interesting, educational, and fun outings for him every week. His favorite places are the Pacific Science Center, Museum of Flight, and our neighborhood kid's consignment shop. We also love going for hikes and bike rides, kayaking, swimming, camping, and bird watching.

One of my other main distractions is clog dancing! I've been a part of the Eclectic Cloggers performance group since 2008. We practice weekly and perform our Appalachian-style clog dancing at various shows and festivals throughout Washington State.