Client Accolades

I provide services to a diverse range of amazing, talented writers from all over the world, in all walks of life, covering a wide variety of subjects and types of projects. I strive to give every client a positive experience, with kindness, compassion, respect, honesty, and professionalism, as we work together to achieve a successfully completed product.

It means the world to me when clients take the time to provide feedback after working together. Below are some of their kind words.

"Lynn was very kind, thoughtful, thorough and honest in her Editorial Assessment of my memoir. As a first-time author with no formal training or writing background other than my journals, I was very nervous to have anyone read my work, especially since it was my life on the pages. I liked her profile and all the detail and care she put into providing her background information and experience, along with recommendations and links to help one prepare to send writing samples, etc.

"She was very detailed and spelled everything out that she would do in her offer. She delivered on every point and actually exceeded my expectations. We followed up with a phone call to wrap up on any questions. I so appreciate everything she did! Thank you, Lynn!"

—Brenda Jayne, memoir in-progress

"It is said the journey to a destination is the best part, same with writing. Research proved to be my favorite part. However, when I submitted my manuscript, suddenly there were bumps in the road that I had not expected. My book is my first ever and I let Lynn know that. Apprehension remained high until I received my (editorial assessment) report. . . . Lynn included extensive helpful tips and suggestions that inspired me to seek reference material to smooth out my story. I highly recommend her for her patience and skills. I plan on using her for further editing."

—Jeffrey Jensen, action thriller in-progress

"Lynn is so good at what she does--she caught things in my manuscript I never would have-- and she's very kind. She always responded quickly and answered all of my questions -- which were many, since I've never published a novel before. I really felt like she was on my team and wanting the best for my book. I highly recommend her!"

—Christine Morse, author The Prancestor Project

"Outstanding as usual. My go-to developmental editor from now on. . . . My experience of working with Lynn has been truly gratifying. I like her honest, forthright, yet encouraging observations and suggestions. I have taken on board 95% of these which has improved and deepened my MS by a country mile. . . . If you treasure your writing like a child, which most of us do, Lynn is a safe pair of hands with which to leave your baby."

—Charles Chellis, author The Dread Lions of Rufiji

"Lynn went over and beyond my expectations. She added her valuable editing insight and expertise to help improve my storyline. I really appreciated how she was able to capture my voice using her words in a very timely manner. I highly recommend her services and will use her in the future."

—Carmen Harris, co-author Harris Hawk

"I had sky-high expectations that my MS would not need much copyediting since I had scoured it and pored over it many times. Ha! I hired Lynn and quickly came to realize how essential a competent editor is. Her professionalism shined throughout the project. From her thorough bio I knew we'd be a perfect match and I'm thrilled with the results of her talented edits. This is my debut work and I would love to work with Lynn again. She hit the deadlines and was an absolute delight."

—Colleen Burns Durda, author The Second: A Memoir of Love and Commitment


"Lynn did an excellent job. She proofread and did a light copy-edit to make my manuscript 'perfect' before I query agents. From the beginning of the process, Lynn has been professional and prompt with her responses. She thoroughly reviewed my manuscript, made or recommended constructive changes, and delivered the manuscript on time. I highly recommend Lynn as a proofreader or copy-editor."

—Michael Paul, author Cornerstone The King


"This is my first time with Lynn, and she has been a pleasure to work with. She edited my book professionally, giving me feedback and help me improve my writing. Lynn provided comments on the whole manuscript and then offered suggestions on how to make it better. I am so grateful for her work and looking forward to working with her in the future."

—Alex Amit, author Four Franc Coins

"There is a lot to overlook as a writer, the words and phrases are ours, delicate creatures strung into what we are hopeful turns into an engaging narrative. I had gotten my manuscript to a point where I felt it was almost complete, but knew it required a profession's eye and experience to allow me to tell my story to the best of my ability.
"I am overjoyed that I chose to hire Lynn for developmental and copy editing. She has a true passion for the written word and has helped this writer transform into a more cohesive storyteller. The experience of working with her and the current shape of my improved manuscript is beyond my wildest expectations. Lynn is meticulous, diligent, and responds quickly to edits and inquiries. My book is so far enhanced in ways big and small because of her careful review and guidance. I look forward to working with her once again."

—Michael Cloherty, author Abel Bodied


"I could not have been happier with the work and guidance Lynn has provided me as I write my book. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to an author or to use her services again."

—Ronald Varol, author Room 39


"I can't imagine a better decision in choosing a proofreader than selecting Lynn Post. Lynn is the consummate professional. I felt she carried the things we discussed heavily and delivered my manuscript to a significantly better place—a place that is more entertaining for the reader and minimal friction from a problem standpoint, making the read more engaging. The depth of her knowledge and ability to catch so many incongruous elements is staggering! Superb! I am truly grateful for the care and expertise she displayed at every turn, exhibiting patience with the heart of a teacher. The tools she delivered as part of her service are invaluable as I move forward. Finally, she is as pleasant as she is effective, making each interaction a delight. Hire Lynn soon (but not when I need her help!)"

—Steve Gilreath, author Sell Montana


"Lynn was excellent to work with. She was professional and thorough and even finished ahead of time on both projects. I would absolutely recommend Lynn and would love to work with her again."

—Andrea DeBellis, wellness entrepreneur, advisor, and consultant


"If you are seeking THE top-notch proofreader to polish your manuscript, you need to look no further than Lynn. She is so knowledgeable, responsive, and prompt. We have all read published books with errors. Don't let yours be one of them! Hire Lynn. You will be so glad you did. I will be happy to use her proofreading services again, and I have complete confidence in her."

—Laurie Douglass, author The Uncommon Thread


"Lynn is so wonderful to work with. I am a complete novice, yet she made me feel I 'belong' among people trying to put their words to paper. I am learning so much from her and look forward to proceeding with my dream of creating my book. I recommend Lynn to anyone, experienced or new, but if you are a novice, be sure to collaborate with Lynn for sure!"

—Rene Terry Mucci, author I'll Sing Again Tomorrow


"Lynn did an incredible job proofreading my manuscript. She was extremely thorough and I couldn't be happier with her work. I will definitely use Lynn's services in the future."

—Tiffani Goff, author Loving Tiara


"I had the pleasure of working with Lynn on our annual cruise brochure publication. I was impressed with how detail-oriented, professional, and focused she was while proofreading lengthy text, maps, and itineraries--for both our US and international brochures. She was a huge asset to our team and made the summer-long, often-tedious project an enjoyable experience. I look forward to having her back next year to do it all over again!"

—Ann Kennedy, Senior Manager, Marketing Services, Holland America


"I asked Lynn to review and edit my doctoral dissertation (public health). It was a lengthy and fairly technical document that needed an eagle eye to find typos and grammatical mistakes, and to make sure it conformed to the specific formatting guidelines established by the university. I wasn't sure how interested she would be in editing an academic paper, but she didn't hesitate and she did a fantastic job. Not only did she review and edit, but she made some great suggestions for improving flow and structure. She worked fast but was extremely thorough. I was so glad I selected her and would not hesitate to do so again (although I have no plans to write another dissertation!!). Thanks Lynn!"

—Evan Simpson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


"Lynn Post's passion for the written word shines brightly through her wonderful editing skills. Her ability to clarify and enhance nuanced and challenging content is truly impressive. Through my two-and-a-half decades of nonprofit and entrepreneurial work, I find Lynn to be the best in her craft at remaining true to the original composition." 

—Joe Haptas, Activist, Nonprofit Consultant, Entrepreneur


"I'm so glad I hired Lynn to do a professional edit of my new website. Because I had read over the web pages dozens of times, I didn't think she would have much left to edit. But Lynn caught numerous typos, offered various structural improvements, and raised some other thoughtful questions for me to consider. Now whenever I have an important business document, I make sure to run it past Lynn before publishing or pressing send."

—Sadie Frederick, Bookkeeper, Sadie Accounts


"Lynn proofread a pamphlet for me and did a phenomenal job. Not only was the turnaround super quick, but she found even the smallest of errors. I was so impressed with her skill and appreciated the suggestions for wording changes. I hope to be able to use her services for all of the literature produced by my organization."

Rachel Bjork, Northwest Animal Rights Network


"Lynn was both meticulous and a pleasure to work with. She proofed a long best-practice guide I was developing for a client. Her work resulted in a stronger guide, and I would definitely hire her again. Strongest recommendation!"

—Ed Phippen, Phippen Consulting


"The copyediting (or proofreading) was remarkably sharp-eyed and very smart. Quite apart from style-guide corrections, Lynn caught at least a half-dozen slips that neither B.P. nor I had seen. One of them was important, as it concerned the locker code, which gives Blandine the idea that it's a date. In another case, I had missed a line of dialogue, so the sequence wasn't logical. Again, no one had noticed this before. In one line, she improved the style of the dialogue. And so on. Occasionally--very rarely--I rejected her suggestions." 

—David Ball, Translator, Revenge on the River


"Lynn Post, in reviewing the translation of Between Naturalism and Expressionism, suggested recommended changes, additions, or deletions of text and advised on grammatical inconsistency improvements. She showed hereby excellent knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation--skills required for those who manipulate language in all manner of communication.
"Like a retriever she sniffed out irregularities in my translation from Dutch into English of the above mentioned work. With the same concentration and tenacity, she scrutinized paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, word by word, leaving no grammatical bone unturned.
"I am quite pleased with the fine work Lynn has done, which was well planned and tactically organized." 

—Leo Stal, Translator, Between Naturalism and Expressionism

 "Thank you so much for your well-written history of Kerf International and our opening at Blue Star on October 18th! It was concise with all the important details about each artist and their work. Your timing for the announcement was perfect! Thank you, Lynn! The event was very successful with several new members and friends now enjoying Kerf International's foundation of opportunity!

—David Felker, MFA; Founder, Kerf International

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