Rates & Services

Depending on what stage your writing project is in, it may need different levels of editing or proofreading. There is often overlap with the various levels of copyediting, and sometimes writers may not know what type or level of editing they need. Below are the most common levels of editing that I provide, with a brief, basic description of each. I also offer a free 30-minute consultation to assist writers with determining the type of editing they need, after which, I will provide an editorial proposal with an estimated rate for your specific project.

I generally charge by the hour, and my estimated fee takes into account the number of pages (based on 250 words per double-spaced page), the type of editing required, and the level of difficulty with a specific project (for example, a short restaurant/hotel guide with phone numbers, addresses, web links, and special formatting would take longer to edit than an article in straight prose with a higher word count; or an article about a trip to Hawai`i, with lots of diacritics and foreign words to check would take longer than the same-length article about Seattle, my home town.) I can sometimes offer a flat-rate fee for small, straight-forward projects.

Yes, I would like a free 30-minute consultation!
To set up a consultation, please fill out a Contact Form. Include your project type, number of pages, any deadlines, some times that you are available to meet, and any questions you may have. (If you do not live in the Seattle area, we can do this by phone or internet.) I will get back to you within one or two business days. Before our meeting, I may need to see the actual document, or a sample, in order to give you a more accurate editing recommendation or rate quote.

Proofreading: If you have a document that is in finished form, usually already formatted in PDF and/or has already been edited for content and structure, I will review the final version for any typos or mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and design (such as heading and typeface styles, pagination, photo captions, etc.)
If you are self-publishing, this is a very important step and one that many indie authors skip. Please do not skip this step! It can make all the difference in how your book is perceived and reviewed.

Light/Basic Copyediting: This would also be done once your project is in pretty decent, almost-finished form. It involves all of the above-mentioned services, with a deeper review of content to ensure consistency in characters, plot lines, and layout. Sentences may be rewritten for better flow, to avoid redundancies, and to ensure proper word usage and clarity. I will work with you, providing feedback and queries, to get your project into finished form. If a custom style sheet has not already been created by you or the substantive/line editor, I will provide one specific to your project. 

Heavy Copyediting: Same as above, but for a document that requires more time, attention, and skill, such as one with a more difficult subject matter, having reference citations to format and cross-check, or with unconventional styles or layouts; or one with an extremely tight deadline. 

Developmental or Substantive/Line Editing: This is the service you want if you have written a book, and you need a helping hand to get it into a logical, cohesive piece of work. I will provide feedback and make suggestions for rearranging sections, adding missing pieces, subtracting unnecessary details, and making sure the tone and voice are consistent throughout. I will create a style sheet specific to your project, with a list of characters (if applicable), spelling/capitalization preferences, grammar and punctuation specifications, and notes for other editors or proofreaders to use for any future editing stages. 

If I am unable to provide the services you need for your specific project or time frame, I can assist you with finding someone who can, through my personal network of professional editors, proofreaders, writers, and graphic designers.