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 Resources for Editors & Editing

Mentoring & Consultations

Do you have general questions about editing or freelancing? Wondering about what it takes to run a successful editorial business? Considering making a switch to a different type of editing, or from working with traditional publishers to indie authors? Or vice versa?

Do you wish you had a professional in the industry to check in with before taking unnecessary steps or paying for services or classes you might not need? 

Now you do! With a decade of experience working as a freelance editor for indie authors and traditional publishing houses, twenty-five years as an entrepreneur & small business owner, and five years as a mentor with the Northwest Editors Guild, I provide support and guidance for new and transitional editors, anywhere on their career journey. 

I have options available for a variety of needs and styles, each designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to pursue your editing business goals with clarity and confidence: one-time or as-needed Ask-the-Editor Consultations, or longer-term, regular weekly Mentor Sessions.

Ask-the-Editor Consultations

These one-time 50-minute meetings are held over Zoom and can be scheduled anytime space is available on my calendar. If you think one session will not be enough, the pre-paid package can be scheduled as three separate meetings anytime or altogether for one longer meeting. (Pre-paid packages require full payment upfront, but scheduling is flexible--you will receive a link to my calendar, so you can request a session whenever you need one!)

Onetime Ask-the-Editor Consultation

1 x 50-Minute Session: $89 [Click here to schedule!]

Pre-Paid Ask-the-Editor Packages

3 x 50-Minute Sessions: $239 (savings of over 10% per session) [Click here to schedule!]

Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions will not only answer your editing and business questions, but will also include homework assignments and/or tasks based on your strengths, abilities, and goals, to help you stay on track with accountability and encouragement. We will meet for either 50 minutes or 1.5 hours over Zoom at the same time each week, for four or eight weeks, depending on which session package you choose. (The 1.5-hour sessions are also available for in-person meetings, if you are in Seattle!)

4-Week Mentor Sessions
4 x 50-Minute Meetings: $349 
4 x 1.5-Hour Meetings: $579 

8-Week Mentor Sessions
8 x 50-Minute Meetings: $629 
8 x 1.5-Hour Meetings: $989 

If you are ready for a Mentor Session, please CLICK HERE to send a message and let me know which session you would like. I will get back to you with my current availability, a calendar link, and instructions for payment and scheduling our meeting times.

Resources for Editors & Editing

Whether you are already an editor, either freelance or in-house, looking to improve your skills or find community, or curious about becoming an editor, the resources below will point you in the right direction.

Other Classes & Workshops

Some of the links in this list are for writing craft, not specifically editing, but I highly recommend these for editors too, as they can greatly enhance your editing skills, especially for developmental editing, copyediting, editorial assessments, query letter reviews, etc., as they relate to storytelling.
  • ACES Academy--training for editors through webcasts, videos, and on-demand courses, and quizzes in a dynamic digital platform
  • Club Ed Editing Courses--Self-paced and instructor-led classes, all online and asynchronous, on various aspects of editing (with a sunny beach theme to make the learning even more fun!); discount and one free class for Club Ed members!
  • Conscious Language Resources--Webinars, toolkits, and courses for authenticity & sensitivity reading, and editing for conscious & inclusive language by Crystal Shelly, aka Rabbit with a Red Pen
  • Editorial Freelancers Association Education--Webinars, self-paced classes, and synchronous online courses on editorial skills and business development; discount and some free classes for EFA members!
  • FoxPrint Editorial Working Writer Courses--A series of low-cost ($39) courses on various aspects of writing craft by Tiffany Yates Martin (also a frequent instructor for Jane Friedman's webinars, listed below, and author of Intuitive Editing); all pre-recorded to complete at your own pace and include worksheets and other resources
  • Jane Friedman's Online Classes--Low-cost ($25) webinars on all aspects of writing craft, publishing, and editing taught by various instructors; money-back satisfaction guarantee and a link to the recording for later viewing
  • UW Specialization in Developmental Editing--11-week online course focusing solely on developmental editing; often taken by graduates of the UW editing certificate program, but not required
  • UW Proofreading Essentials--7-week online course focusing on all aspects of proofreading, including learning traditional proofing marks for print/hard copy and techniques and tools for proofreading digital content; often taken by graduates of the UW editing certificate program, but not required

Member Associations

I highly recommend joining at least one professional editors group, for access to resources for business & skills development, networking & community with other editors, finding clients, and discounts to other tools, services, and events. (Many organizations offer reciprocal member benefits, such as discounts to each other's conferences and classes.) 
  • American Copy Editors Society (ACES)--$75/year, $40 for students; annual conference held at different locations in the US, job board, bimonthly presentations, quarterly journal, educational courses, awards, scholarships, discounts to editing resources
  • Club Ed--$15/mo. or $149/year; membership includes community forum, virtual work days, tips, resources, classes, and community for freelance editors (annual subscribers get a free class and a discount on others, plus other perks over the monthly plan)
  • Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading (CIEP)--£126/year (or more for advanced member levels; lower rates for retired & friends); UK-based organisation; online forum; local group meetings; free resources; discount on classes, annual conference, and other events; access to free legal help
  • Editors Canada--CAN$304/year (or discount for 2 yrs; special pricing for students and 60+); professional development seminars, editing certificate program, job listings, and other resources
  • Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)--$145/year or $260/2 years; national organization with a lively discussion list, discount on classes, access to active job board, and many other resources for freelance editors (many regional EFA chapters too!)
  • Northwest Editors Guild--$70/year; monthly presentations, active discussion list, mentor program for new editors, online resources, job board, monthly meetup events, biannual Red Pencil Conference, discounts to editing resources (open to all, not just PNW editors)
  • Professional Editors Network (PEN)--$55/year, $30 for students, $40 for volunteers; monthly professional development meetings, discount on webinars & workshops, subscription to Networking News newsletter, listing in online directory, networking & promotional opportunities through social media and events, mentorship program, 30% discount on PerfectIt (based in Minneapolis, but open to all)

Free Online Communities

Podcasts, Newsletters & Websites 

  • Conscious Style Guide--An online resource for writers and editors for guidance with implementing inclusive language and removing bias language
  • The Concierge Blog--Articles related to freelance editing by Club Ed founder, Jennifer Lawler; free newsletter, The Resort, also available  
  • Deliberate Freelancer Podcast--The show for those who want to build a successful freelance business, hosted by Melanie Padgett Powers of MelEdits.
  • The Editor's Half Hour Podcast--30-minute episodes focusing on the craft of editing, publishing-industry trends and secrets, and editorial resources to help you build your editorial business and professional services, hosted by Nadia Geagea Pupa, co-founder of Pique Publishing.
  • Louise Harnby--Tons of free resources (articles, booklets, links, podcast, newsletter) for building an editing/proofreading business
  • Virtual Bookish Events Newsletter--A weekly list of free and paid online events for readers and writers, such as writing craft workshops, self-publishing webinars, book-launch readings, author chats, and literary discussions.

Editing Conferences

  • ACES Conference--Annual conference hosted by the American Copy Editors Society; various locations throughout the US (past locations include Columbus, OH; Portland, OR; Pittsburgh, PA; Las Vegas, NV)
  • CIEP Conference--Annual conference hosted by the Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading; online and in Glasgow
  • EFACON--Periodic conference hosted by the Editorial Freelancers Association; various locations throughout the US (past locations include Alexandria, VA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY)
  • Red Pencil--Biannual conference hosted by Northwest Editors Guild; virtual & in-person (near Seattle, WA)

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