Writer Resources

Writing and publishing a book is such a huge, creative undertaking, I admire and commend anyone brave enough to tackle this extraordinary feat! Professional editing and proofreading are important parts of the book-publishing process, but there are many other steps involved in turning your first draft into its final form. Below is my ever-evolving list of resources to help you with the exciting journey to becoming a published author. If you know of any resources that should be included, please let me know!

Writing Skills 

Writing your manuscript is obviously the most important part of publishing a book! There are many resources, both online and in your community, to help improve your writing skills or to provide a supportive environment to encourage and assist with the task. Many of the links below are specific to the Pacific Northwest or Seattle area, so I encourage you to check out your local library or other community organizations to find classes and/or writers' groups near you.


Seattle-Area Classes & Workshops:

Online Classes & Tutorials:

Articles & Websites: 

  • Conscious Style Guide--An online resource for implementing inclusive language and removing bias language from your writing
  • Grammar Girl--Quick and dirty tips on all things grammar; in article and podcast format
  • Grammarly--FREE! tool for finding and correcting minor spelling and punctuation errors in your documents (this does NOT replace a professional editor or proofreader, but it can save you money by fixing some common errors before sending to a professional for review)


There are many reasons why more and more writers are choosing to self-publish their books; even authors who have been previously published through traditional houses are switching over so that they can have more control over various aspects, such as cover design, production schedule, and pricing. There is no shortage of assistance with this process on the world wide web. Here are some of the main services that you will need, if you choose to DIY:



Print-on-Demand (POD) & E-Book Publishing Sites:

Book Formatting Services & Software:

  • Pressbooks--Create your document directly within this online word-processing software program or upload your already-created files; converts your document into all publishing formats (MOBI, EPUB, and PDF); one-time fee per book OR available for FREE through Seattle Public Library!
  • Adobe In Design--Subscription-based software for book formatting and layout; recommended for graphic-heavy or other specialty layouts
  • Scrivener--A powerful word-processing software that allows you to write and organized your project, then convert to various publishing formats; low-cost, one-time fee; available for Mac or Windows
  • Calibre--FREE!, simple file-converting software for transforming Word documents into MOBI and EPUB formats; available for Mac, Windows, or Linux

ISBN Info & Purchase:

  • Bowker--Buy a single ISBN or a discounted bundle package of 10 or 100 (you'll need one for each format of your book, so the 10-pack is usually recommended)

Author Marketing

Whether you're planning to self-publish or go the traditional route, having an author platform to market and promote yourself and your book(s) is essential. And if you are planning to DIY, having a web presence is nonnegotiable! It's also important to get started before your book is published to get readers excited about your forthcoming book. Here are some links, tips, and resources to help get you going:


Free Website/Blog Hosting:


Articles & Websites: