Hello! I'm Lynn Post, owner of PostScripts Editing. Thanks for visiting my website and for your interest in my editing services.

PostScripts was founded in 2014, after I graduated from the editing certificate program at the University of Washington (way back when we used to attend classes in person). Since then, I have provided professional freelance copyediting and proofreading services to a variety of individual authors, publishing companies, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations, including Alaska Airlines, Holland America, Mountaineers Books, becker&mayer!, Girl Friday Productions, and Reedsy. (You can see my full list of clients and projects in my portfolio.)

Although I love any type of editing project, I especially enjoy working with first-time authors and helping them navigate the (sometimes daunting) publishing process.

Through the certificate program, taught by seasoned veterans of the publishing industry, I was trained in the professional editing methods used by traditional publishing houses. 
As a strong proponent of indie authors and bookstores, I apply those same high standards and thorough processes whether working with self-publishing authors or those seeking to publish through the traditional route. I continue to supplement my education through courses and workshops related to specific areas of editing, publishing, and writing craft, such as:

In addition to book editing, I am also trained and experienced in technical editing and business communications. Although my career started off in early childhood education, it took a major turn in 1999, when I co-founded an online retail business (for pets!). Running that business provided six years of experience with writing and editing web content, HTML code, product descriptions, newsletters, ad copy, and other marketing materials. Since then, I've worked with many other small companies and nonprofits, using various content management systems to create and manage product listings, blog posts, newsletters, email databases, etc. Now I specialize in editing and proofreading all forms of business/nonprofit communications and marketing materials, sometimes with the help of my editorial assistant. 

I love to work with clients who share similar interests. When I'm not marking up documents with my "red pencil," I keep myself occupied with a variety of other activities: traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, bike riding, reading, bird watching, crafting, sewing, photography, playing guitar, and clog dancing! (I've been a part of the Eclectic Cloggers performance dance group since 2008. We practice weekly and perform our Appalachian-style clog dancing, accompanied by a live band, at various shows and festivals throughout Washington State.)

I often find that my wide array of hobbies, as well as my many other seemingly unrelated jobs—real estate agent, restaurant manager, bartender, bar manager, insurance agent, nanny, and live-in caregiver—can come in handy when editing a manuscript or article. 

But by far, my most important, interesting, challenging, and rewarding job is being a mom! Most of the above-listed hobbies are done with my son, Theo. He has his own set of hobbies too, such as Minecrafting. (Can that be considered a hobby or a verb?) He also enjoys writing, drawing, and making Power Point slideshows (mostly Minecraft-related). In fact, it is because of Theo that I became an editor—to have a flexible job and work from home so that I can always be available for him, take trips whenever we want, and volunteer in his classroom.

Fun Fact #1: Theo does not like to use punctuation when writing 😠 (It's okay; I charge him double for proofreading services 😉)

Fun Fact #2: Our latest mom-son hobby is fostering cats and kittens! (a compromise between his wanting and my not wanting a full-time cat)

Flora Mae
Sarah Lee
Pooh Bear

Peanut & Hailey

After our time with Peanut, Hailey, and Lilac, Theo decided that he no longer wanted to foster because it was too sad to say goodbye. He got especially attached to Pooh Bear, who we had to say goodbye to twice because of how the pandemic affected the adoption process. So we took a break for about three months, until PAWS was overwhelmed with transfers from other shelters, and we couldn't say no to a little one-eyed kitty named Royce.

Fun Fact #3: Royce turned out to be a Joyce, and Joyce turned out to be a keeper, both in status and name. She quickly assimilated into the family, accompanying us on walks, hikes, road trips, camping trips, and other adventures, and takes her role as the aforementioned editorial assistant very seriously. In fact, she even has her own Instagram page to share about her Adventure Cat experiences!

Fun Fact #4: One year later, we decided Joyce (aka JJ Skritti) might need a sibling, so we gave fostering one more try with little Maxi. Will she turn out to be a keeper too? So far, she's not quite the Adventure Cat as Joyce, but she's making progress.

In addition to fostering cats through PAWS, I have also volunteered in their wildlife rehabilitation center and with some of their animal advocacy campaigns. Other local animal advocacy groups and chapters that I have worked with include NARN, Pasado's Safe Haven, Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and HSUS. Volunteering has always been important to me, and I'm hoping to pass that quality on to my son through leading by example. In his elementary school, I have volunteered with writing workshops, art docent, classroom parties, and field trips (see, my ECE background still comes in handy!).

Animals and children are not my only focus. I've also worked on local campaigns with the Transit Riders Union and proudly support the Black Lives Matter movement. I regularly volunteer with the NW Editors Guild as a mentor to new editors and as a member to promote the organization at various writing conferences and other events. And I recently started volunteering as an assistant instructor for a GED preparation class at Literacy Source, an organization that provides free reading, writing, and math skills to adults, through classroom instruction and one-on-one tutoring.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
—Elie Wiesel, Romanian-born American writer, professor,
political activist, Nobel laureate, Holocaust survivor

Thanks again for checking out my website. Please get in touch if you are in need of any editing services or have any questions about writing or editing. I look forward to working with you!

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