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Brainstorming Session

If you have a concept for a short story, novel, memoir, or other work of nonfiction, discussing your ideas with a book-industry professional can be a great way to get inspiration and expand on your original premise or character, get feedback on marketability potential, suggestions for other possibilities, and guidance for next steps. It can also be a great cure for writer's block! After this one-time, 90-minute session (online or in-person, if you are in Seattle), you will also receive a customized list of resources related to our discussion and your writing and publishing goals.

Rate: $179

If you are ready for a Brainstorming Session, please CLICK HERE to schedule.

Per-Page Check-Ins

If you'd like some feedback and guidance on specific pages of a small or large project, the Per-Page Check-In coaching sessions are a great way to get one-time or regular assurance that your writing is staying on track within the larger scope. Feedback can be customized to focus on whichever aspect you'd like, whether you're looking for big-picuture developmental guidance, sentence-level copyediting, or something else. 

These sessions will include a review/edit of 4, 8, or 16 pages, depending on which package you choose, followed by a video meeting to discuss feedback and suggestions. Pre-paid packages require full payment upfront, but scheduling is flexible--you will receive a link to my calendar, so you can request a session whenever you need one! 

One-Time Sessions
4-Page Check-In: $129 (includes 30-minute meeting)
8-Page Check-In: $198 (includes 40-minute meeting)
16-Page Check-In: $335 (includes 50-minute meeting)

Pre-Paid 3-Session Packages (Savings of 10% off one-time sessions)
3 x 4-Page Check-In: $348 (includes three 30-minute meetings)
3 x 8-Page Check-In: $534 (includes three 40-minute meetings)
3 x 16-Page Check-In: $904 (includes three 50-minute meetings)

Pre-Paid 8-Session Packages (Savings of 20% off one-time sessions)
8 x 4-Page Check-In: $825 (includes eight 30-minute meetings)
8 x 8-Page Check-In: $1267 (includes eight 40-minute meetings)
8 x 16-Page Check-In: $2144 (includes eight 50-minute meetings)

If you are ready for a Per-Page Check-In Session, please CLICK HERE to send a message and let me know which package you would like. I will get back to you with a calendar link and instructions for scheduling your first meeting and uploading your document.

First 10K or 20K Review

Whether you have a completed first draft or a manuscript still in progress, getting your first 10,000 or 20,000 words reviewed by a professional can be a great way to ensure that your story is on the right track before investing in a full-service developmental edit, manuscript critique, or other editorial service that the manuscript might not be ready for. 

This in-depth assessment will review the big-picture aspects of your story, such as:

  • plot development, momentum & consistency
  • character development & dynamics
  • pacing & reader engagement
  • narrative structure (incl. scene arcs & transitions, chapter divisions)
  • point of view, voice & tone, dialogue
  • setting, timeline & chronology
  • narrative techniques (show vs. tell, interiority, literary devices, theme)
  • grammar, punctuation & style (will point out persistent issues only)

The review will provide feedback based on industry standards and reader expectations for your genre and target audience and will include notes and comments directly in the document and a two- to three-page report with a summary of what’s working well and suggestions for areas that could use attention. The report will also include a customized list of resources, which may include links to online articles, videos, or podcasts; book recommendations; printable worksheets or exercises; or relevant upcoming workshops/webinars (always free or very low-cost). Not only will this initial assessment save you money and time and improve the writing of these early pages, it will also help guide your writing and revisions of the next chapters and beyond.

Estimated Time: 1 - 3 weeks, depending on schedule availability

Rate: 10K Review = $550; 20K Review = $750

If you are interested in a First 10K or 20K Review for your manuscript, please CLICK HERE to submit a no-obligation 
Request for this service. Once I recieve your inquiry and project details, I will let you know my availability for your project.

Ask-the-Editor Consultation

Do you have general questions about writing, editing, or publishing? Are you overwhelmed by all the different publishing options? Are you unsure about which type of editing your manuscript needs? Are you curious about what it's like to work with a freelance editor or trying to decide which editor to work with?

Do you wish you had a professional in the industry to check with before paying for services you might not need, hiring an unqualified freelancer, or taking wrong turns on your publishing journey? Save time and money by getting all your questions answered by a freelance editor with a decade of experience guiding authors through self- and traditional publishing paths. This one-on-one 50-minute Q&A session is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to pursue your writing and publishing goals with clarity and confidence. 

Rate: $89

If you are ready for an Ask-the-Editor Consultation, please CLICK HERE to schedule your session.

 Writing Craft Resources

Writing your manuscript is obviously the most important part of publishing a book! There are many resources, both online and in your community, to help improve your writing skills or to provide a supportive environment to encourage and assist with the task. Some of the links below are specific to the Pacific Northwest or Seattle area, so I encourage you to check out your local library or other community organizations to find classes and/or writers' groups near you. All other links are online resources available from anywhere. 

This list is regularly updated; if you know of a great FREE or low-cost resource to share, or find an outdated link below, please let me know!

Seattle-Area Classes & Workshops:

Online Classes & Tutorials:

Articles, Podcasts & Websites: 
  • Conscious Style Guide--An online resource for implementing inclusive language and removing bias language from your writing
  • Grammar Girl--Quick and dirty tips on all things grammar; in article and podcast format
  • Grammarly--FREE tool for finding and correcting minor spelling and punctuation errors in your documents (this does NOT replace a professional editor or proofreader, but it can save you money by fixing some common errors before sending to a professional for review)
  • Let's Talk Memoir--Interviews with writers and editors, discussing all aspects of the craft of writing memoir
  • NaNoWriMo--A nonprofit dedicated to providing the "structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds—on and off the page," most famously through their annual November novel-writing challenge (to write 50,000 words in 30 days) but with other programs and support year-round
  • Reedsy Blog--Lots of great tips on all aspects of writing and publishing
  • The 7am Novelist--Join award-winning novelist and writing teacher Michelle Hoover with tips and special guests for your morning writing wake up call, starting with a 50-day writing challenge to help you get a new project going and keep you in your chair.
  • WriteOnSisters.com--A fun blog full of helpful information on writing craft, the road to publication, and the writer's life
  • Writing Class Radio Podcast--If you love stories and get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and want to learn a little bit about how to write your own stories, then this writing-class podcast is for you.


Many authors, editors, and organizations offer FREE email newsletters that provide tips and resources for writers on craft, publishing, marketing, and other related topics. Many also offer perks for signing up, such as free downloadable resources and works or discounts on classes and other resources. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Elizabeth Sims Newschat: This very infrequent newsletter from an award-winning novelist comes with a package of freebies: Deep Trouble, a novelette featuring Lillian Byrd, from her popular crime series; "9 Fast Character Hacks," a brief for writers on creating believable, vibrant fictional people; and "The Lake Effect," a personal essay on being a writer from the Midwest.
  • FoxPrint Editorial Newsletter: Practical adivice for writers from Tiffany Yates Martin, author of Intuitive Editing: A Creative & Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing. Freebie includes her guide "10 Tips for Editing Your Own Work" and subscribers get 10% off all FoxPrint classes.
  • Jane Friedman Newsletters: Publishing-industry expert and literary citizen Jane Friedman offers a few different free newsletters. Blog Digest is daily or weekly notifications of all blog articles on Jane's poplular site with a plethora of free information for writers. Electric Speed, a biweekly newsletter with "tools and resources to make creative life easier and more enjoyable" is her most popular, with 25K subscribers. If you want to know about upcoming classes, she has a separate email for that too. (Jane also has one paid newsletter, the Hot Sheet, that shares important publishing industry news and trends, for $59 or $79/year. Two free issues when you sign up, and a free sample here.)
  • Virtual Bookish Events Newsletter: A weekly list of free and paid online events for readers and writers, such as writing craft workshops, self-publishing webinars, book-launch readings, author chats, and literary discussions.
  • Writing Mastery Newsletter: Tips and tools from Save the Cat! Writes a Novel author, Jessica Brody (and the YA version). Freebie includes a Save the Cat beat sheet starter kit.

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